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Author Topic: Alafia Classic 6-Hour Mountain Bike Race! April 2nd!  (Read 1932 times)

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Alafia Classic 6-Hour Mountain Bike Race! April 2nd!
« on: March 09, 2011, 07:46:33 AM »
(Posted for Julianne )
Hey all, it's the season of the  endurance mountain bike ride and race.  You should all be getting ready  for this weekend's Squiggy at Morris Bridge.  Register here if you  haven't yet:
When you're done with that, check  out the details of the newest endurance race, the Alafia Classic at, you  guessed it, Alafia River State Park on April 2nd.  Similar to the El Legarto race,  there will be two courses, a Beginner and an Advanced.  The beginner  course will include River Loop, Rock Garden and Sand Pine, about nine miles  which should take beginner racers about an hour to finish a lap.  The  advanced course will include North Creek, River Loop, Rock Garden and Rollercoaster,  about ten miles which should take racers about an hour to finish.  No hard  options will be included in either loop.
Race solo for six hours or team up  with two of your friends for a 6-hour relay.  Solo classes include  Beginner Men and Women for the Easy course; Advanced Men, Beginner Men and  Women for the Advanced loop.  Team classes included Mens, Womens and Coed  for the Easy Loop; Beginner Men, Beginner Coed and Advanced  for the  Advanced Loop.  No Sport or Expert racers on Beginner teams.

This race is hosted by the Friends  of Alafia, a non-profit group which, among other very important things, raises  money to help the park deal with funding cutbacks.  $15 of your $35 entry  fee will go to the Friends general account which will be used for such things  as repairing park equipment which is used to maintain trails.  A portion  of the leftover will pay for the race (prizes, portolets, number plates) and  the remainder will go to the SWAMP club coffers, which is used entirely  for trail building and maintenance.  Giant Bicycles and AJ's Bikes and  Boards have donated a 2011 Talon 2 29er that will be raffled off!  Tickets  will be $1 each, for sale at the event, must be present to win, winner  announced during podium announcements.
  Get more info and sign up here We'll need a few people to help  with registration, scoring and trail scouts, so email me at if you're  interested in that.  Will somebody please post this to the SWAMP  message boards?



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Re: Alafia Classic 6-Hour Mountain Bike Race! April 2nd!
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2011, 08:40:44 AM »
I'm out, gotta work.  Dammit...
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