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Author Topic: Even more test rides  (Read 1067 times)

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Even more test rides
« on: March 30, 2007, 06:40:15 PM »
Tested a specialized XC (medium) and retested the stumpjumper (medium) out at Alafia North Creek. I liked the XC so much I rode the track twice.  FYI I do not ride Gartorback but it was closed because of a trashed bridge.    As I took the bike back I thought maybe I should give the stumpjumper another chance since I now had more experience on the same track.  BeerCan again you were right there are frames that you can ride and others you can't.  I was truly amazed that I stopped more that 10 times for many different reasons.  NOTE:  One of my stops was a stump and the boys slapped the bar -- I forgot who said they ride a medium because of inseam but thank the lord I was on a medium.

I would also like to thank AJ's for letting me test ride the bikes.  Next week I will be trying the Reign.  With the Reign there will be even more travel so this will be interesting.  Travel versus frame a new topic for me.  I assume xc bikes are designed around less travel while the AM bikes are designed around more travel.  If this is true then buying and xc frame and adding more travel would upset the engineering and prove to give a completely different ride.

Does anyone know where I can test a GF HiFi on the trails?  I know the Carrolwood dealer will do it for 150 and they do not have a medium and as you can guess now I will be riding a medium.

Post you all next week

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Re: Even more test rides
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2007, 05:17:01 PM »
GENERALLY speaking (er, typing), it seems that XC bikes use a 100mm max travel, while AM bikes seem to start around 140mm. XC bikes also tend to be MUCH lighter and have a lower bottom-bracket than AM bikes.
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