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Author Topic: Alafia Classic Last day to Register for Free T-Shirt and Course Descriptions  (Read 988 times)

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From Julianne,

Today is the last day to receive a  free tshirt for pre-registering for the Alafia Classic on April 2.  If  you're delaying registration because you haven't found the perfect  team, no need.  You can register now and give us the team info  later.
Race routes:
Easy Route:  From parking lot,  head down service road to River Loop and ride entire trail  counterclockwise.  Exit onto service road and head north towards Bridges,  ride road around to where Bridges crosses service road towards Rock Garden and  head to Rock Garden.  Pass all hard options and ride Rock Garden  counterclockwise and then Sand Pine.  Continue towards parking lot and  start again.  Lap is about 9 miles, should take about an hour. NO  HARD OPTIONS.

Advanced Route:  From parking  lot, head to North Creek and ride that, whizzing by Buzzard's Bay.  Head  straight to River Loop and ride all of that counterclockwise, all the way to the  service road.  Hang a right on service road and ride road around to where  Bridges crosses service road towards Rock Garden and head to Rock Garden.   Pass all hard options and ride Rock Garden, exiting before Sand Pine.   Ride service road to where Sand Pine crosses, and head to parking lot that way,  passing by Rabbit Ears.  Head to Rollercoaster and ride that, skipping all  hard options.  I've got to figure out the exit so there is no 2-way  traffic, probably the race entrance to Moonscape, bailing after a couple  hundred yards to the Moonscape exit. NO HARD OPTIONS.

check it out here: