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Author Topic: Ridgeline is NOW OPEN  (Read 601 times)

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Ridgeline is NOW OPEN
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:32:54 PM »
 I went through Ridgeline today and it looked really good after being closed in the wettest conditions.  So I took the closed sign down and Ridgeline is now open!
 I want to thank everyone for honoring the closed trail status - except for the two sets of bike tracks that I saw in there!
 By not riding these clay type trails in their most vulnerable state means ALMOST ZERO DAMAGE from the rains and a FAR SHORTER closed period.  By adhering to responsible riding of sensitive trail conditions we have a jewel of a trail reopened that will require very minimal repair to put it back to what it was just a few weeks ago.
 Thanks again to one and all for staying off of it while it was wet and slick - well almost one and all.
 All other trails were in great shape except a few face slappers here and there.