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Author Topic: Boyette needs HELP!  (Read 1426 times)

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Boyette needs HELP!
« on: July 30, 2011, 03:23:34 PM »
 Hello all,
 I know that we have a workday coming up for Boyette on August 13th, but several trails need your help now ranging from erosion repair and hog damage, to trimming back of vegetation.

 If at all possible to pitch in with some of your free time, any day that is available to you to do some trimming, it would greatly be appreciated.
 It doesn't matter who you are or what level of rider you are, from just joined, to seasoned club member and rider, to racer.  We all can give back to the trail systems that serves our dirt fix all year long for the trails that we all enjoy. 
 You can even put a group together and make a fun outing of it to make a more visible dent in the multiple areas that are getting overgrown.
 All that it takes is to pick one day that is available to you - just one day, that's all - bring some hedge sheers, loppers, or hand trimmers and ride your bike until you see a branch, some overgrowth from a tree, a vine, palmetto, or other vegetation that can be a face slapper, handlebar grabber, or vine(s) hanging down - and trim it. 
 Please throw the trimmings well off the trail, and ride on or walk to the next one.  Simple, right?  How hard can that be?
 Please help us out with this so that on the August 13th workday we can more concentrate on several trail repair areas that are much more labor intensive, as we will be looking to put together some large work parties on that day to fix those troubled areas.
 Thank you all who lend a hand to take back our trails!

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Re: Boyette needs HELP!
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2011, 02:25:32 PM »
Now that I can do. Ive been slapped many of times by branches. Ill bring clips with me saturday.