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Author Topic: RIDGELINE STATUS  (Read 489 times)

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« on: September 23, 2012, 03:01:31 PM »
Hey folks, yes, Ridgeline is still closed.  I was actually able to go through it from end to end today (instead of hop-skipping from repair to repair) to assess the next round of repairs.  While there are sections that can be ridden ... Thanks so much to the volunteers who have been helping! ... There are still some areas that cannot handle a bunch of bikes. Two riders felt obligated to ride it anyway. Amazing. 

Anyway, it always has been and always will be a SEASONAL TRAIL.  Good thing we have a bunch more fun stuff out there to ride, right?  Right?  :-)  A couple more workdays and a little less rain (been the rainiest season in quite some time) and we do look forward to reopening it, so get ready!  I really do wish I were reporting today that it is open, but it got rained on early this morning and was slick, it had some new erosion and some old fixes still need to be done before we let loose a whole bunch of wild bikes on it.

There is a lot of man power going into getting Boyette and Alafia FTF ready. 

Are you ready for some MOUNTAIN BIKING?!