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Author Topic: Morris Bridge/Flatwoods update  (Read 835 times)

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Morris Bridge/Flatwoods update
« on: November 13, 2012, 11:28:54 AM »
An update on trail conditions
Some of you have asked what the WTs are like and whether the water has receded. I rode Monday. Here's what I found:
Started at Trout Creek and headed counter clockwise. The trails (Bayshore?) from the parking lot to the road were dry and in good shape.
From Hole in the Fence, the main trail was dry all the way to the power lines and then to the Morris Bridge parking lot. Misery, Palmetto and the south part of Hogwild were all dry. (Did not ride the north part of Hogwild.) Grandpa was largely dry, except for a couple small puddles.
Piglet was a mess -turned back at a giant washed out area. Did not ride Techno Pig. Indian and Gator were closed, so I did not ride them.
From Morris Bridge, the main trail was largely dry. I did not turn left into Eubanks because I heard it was a mud pit. Kept straight on the main trail to the asphalt loop. Encountered two small puddles along the way. Near the end, a large pump was gushing large amounts of water into the area. I suspect things might stay wet in there for a while if that pump was left open for more than a couple hours.
From the water station, the main trail was dry and in good shape. The only water was near the end on that one stretch of gravel double track that often has water. It was about 6 inches deep. You can keep your feet dry if you glide through it.
From the asphalt loop to the berm, dry and fast. I did not take the panther turn off as I was short on time. The last mile of single track that runs parallel to the berm was in good shape.
I had not been on the trails in several months. I knew there had been a lot of flooding. Still, I was suprised by how high the water levels were at this time of year. Overall, however, the trails were in good shape. It's easy to get in 18-20 miles without getting wet and without repeating trails.   

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Re: Morris Bridge/Flatwoods update
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 09:39:42 PM »
I was just there Sat. and Eubanks is a mess...water still flowing.I tried piglet too and got stranded..however previous week I did techno pig and it was fine...Heartbreak is in good shape as is washboard...I was wondering if anyone has been on Panther?...I'll be out with a group on Sunday and would like to work it into our loop...