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Author Topic: Missing Radio Plus Thank You to the Trail Crews  (Read 3196 times)

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Missing Radio Plus Thank You to the Trail Crews
« on: September 10, 2006, 08:29:57 PM »
From Marty:

While heading up the Ride Guide group @ Boyette this morning, I
inexplicably handed out my personal Motorola to one of you folks
guiding, and cannot remember who! Please post me back. if you're in
possession - and I promise not to prosecute : >)
BTW, I'd like to go on record with a heartfelt thanks to every
person that's ever been involved with the building or the maintaining
of our trail system. It occurred to me this morning that we are so
blessed to have the breadth and variety of area trails to ride - and
without the efforts of the SWAMP Trail Crews, my enthusiastic
embracing of this sport would be greatly diminished. Boyette was
"primo" today, (and although part of it was Mother Nature's rain
packing down the dirt), the majority of the pleasure derived is
directly attributable to the incredibly dedicated bunch of people who
build and maintain it all!

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