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Author Topic: Trail alterations  (Read 523 times)

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Trail alterations
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:30:24 PM »
This is an open letter to whoever it pertains to.  If not you then it is not aimed at you and you are free to ignore it.

Apparently altering a trail because you think in your own mind that you want it built to your personal specs either for Strava or who knows has become the thing to do at Boyette. It is NOT! 

I changed 2 of the 3 back.  I will keep making the - unapproved changes - disappear every chance I get.  There are certain reasons a trail is designed, built, and laid out a certain way.  Some has to do with Land Managers approval; some has to do with the design, connectivity, and intent of the trail.

I don't like to say "a persons opinion, idea, or thought for a trail doesn't count", because it certainly does - but to up and make changes to a trail design or experience because you feel like it - does not cut it.  A lot of work; a lot of thought; a lot of pre-planning and connectivity goes into trail design and layout. 

If you can't step up to the plate and help with a trail system, don't sneak in the back door and raid it like an unguarded refrigerator.  That kind of "help" is not needed or wanted!

There are many more repairs, maintenance, and future plans that need to be done to help make this one of the best trail systems in the area.  That does NOT include wasting valuable Trail Maintenance Days and volunteers time going back and removing unapproved trail alterations. 

If you just cannot control yourself then go off and find an available piece of property, gain approval to build trails, make those trails sustainable and keep going back week after week and do the needed maintenance to keep them that way.  Let us know when it is finished so we come by and change it on you.

Great rides to all.